Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Keep your favorite layouts & recycle the magazine

For the past four years I have subscribed to three different scrapbook magazines. This collection of magazine was taking up precious real estate in my sb room. So I decided to do what would have been unthinkable to me just a few years ago . . . ripping out my favorite layouts/techniques from all of the magazines! Every night after giving DS his bath and while he was still playing in the water I would pull up a stool next to the tub, grab a magazine and start ripping out pages with pictures of my favorite layouts or techniques. It was slow go but I was in no hurry. The layouts are now organized in a three-ring binder and categorized by themes; a sub-section for each season, one for multiple photo layouts, cool techniques, ect. I used 8.5"x 11" page protectors, which I bought in bulk, to display the pages inside the binder. The layout binder is now an easy reference guide that I can turn to for inspiration. As a final finishing touch to the binder itself I decided to cover the outside of it. So this weekend I stopped by my LSS and found this wonderful paper that I used to cover the outside of the binder. Now I just need to make my other binders just as pretty as this one. LOL!


Christina said...

I really like how you did this binder - I have tons of magazines as well, mostly CK, but I'm not sure I can do what you did. Thinking about going through them, using the ideas I like, and then giving the magazines away to anyone interested. Come to think of it, that's even more radical than your solution ... maybe I should consider your way more seriously!

JeanetteS said...

I love this idea!!! I have tons of magazines and have stuffed pages I've torn into a file folder. I'll give this idea a try. Thanks for the inspiration!


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