Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I've been tagged

New to blogging I was delighted that my first 'tag' came from someone who has a great eye for decor . . . Ms. Jeanette herself. So here we go.

1. Four Jobs that I have held: I've had many odd jobs. Here are a few of the more 'memorable' jobs

a. Bra specialist at Victoria's Secret
b. Framer at Michael's
c. Claims adjuster
d. Software Test Engineer at Microsoft

2. Three Movies I could watch over and over:

a. The Matrix
b. Sense and Sensibility
c. Steel Magnolias

3. Five places that I have lived: Ohhhhhhhhh . . . there are so many

a. Puerto Rico
b. Lorain, Ohio
c. Syracuse, NY
d. Daytona Beach, FL
e. Alexandria, VA

4. Four TV shows that I like:

a. Divine Design
b. Deadliest Catch
c. Grey's Anatomy (although the show is quickly falling out of grace w/me)
d. Almost any of the shows on the History Channel

5. Four things you do almost everyday without fail
a. Bathe, brush teeth and apply make-up
b. Drink coffee
c. Check e-mail
d. Play with DS

6. Four favorite foods:
a. Almost any Puerto Rican dish
b. Almost any lamb dish (especially if its a Mediterranean dish . . . yummy!)
c. Chicken Katsu
d. Sushi

7. Four places I would rather be:
a. Puerto Rico
b. Italy
c. Greece
d. Galapagos Island

8. Who is being tagged next?
a. Alessandra

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You've lived all over, Yoli! Thanks for playing along. And thanks for your kind remarks at the laundry room. I truly appreciate it.


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