Friday, January 23, 2009

New bookshelf

Sadly one of our local stamp stores is closing for business. The good news is that she is closing the store because she wants to retire rather than falling victim to our current economy crisis. As such she is selling all of her inventory . . . including bookshelves of which I purchased one. It needs to be painted to fit the color scheme of the wood in the room. I will paint and distress the outside of the bookshelf in black and stain the inside a cherry red. I plan to use the top shelves to display WM stamps that are not part of a set. The bottom half of the bookshelf may be used to store my 3 ring binders and other misc items.

Isn't it funny how small things can make you so giddy? LOL Now I have to find a new spot for my printer. Have a fabulous weekend. You know what'll be doing this weekend! LOL

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