Monday, March 2, 2009

Birthday giveaway

Today is my birthday! In celebration of this monumental occasion, LOL, I am giving away a few goodies. Instead of the traditional post on the blog I am soliciting your help with the organization of my closet. As you can see from the picture below my closet is in desperate need of some help. :-) So here is what I'm looking for. Email me a sketch, photos or post ideas for my closet. At the end of the month I will choose one idea as the winner. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Closet opening measures 70" H x 60" W.

2. Blue file cabinet will be stored in the closet. The file cabinet measures 30" W x 37"H.

3. I want to store my Scrap Rack on a rolling rack but I need a work surface for die cutting machines.

4. Need additional storage for photo albums, scanner, pizza boxes, rolling tote and sewing machine.

5. Closet doors & rack can be removed.

These are just some of the goodies I'm giving away. As I continue to clean up the closet I am certain I'll find even more goodies to add to the package. The SU stamps are brand new and have never been mounted. The album is 8x8 and also brand new. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Looking forward to your entry.


thekatsmeow said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Gotta think on this one - but I HAVE to ask - is that a piece of your birthday cake!?

Yoli said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I had a bite of choc cake w/dinner last night but that's about it. Pretty proud of myself!

4nancie said...

Happy Belated Birthday.

Scrap Addict said...

Happy Un-birthday. So fitting for me to say that because that is what my dear departed grandfather used to always say when it was a late birthday greeting. His birthday was on the same day as yours. You are in good company.

Okay, here are my ideas.

1.Remove the doors, you can add a pretty pattern curtain to cover it up when you're finished.
2. Take out all the rack shelf set. It would look lovely in your room with altered projects and jars on it. Add your albums on the bottom and your sewing machine too. Maybe even other big items you need storage for.
3. Are your plastic storage bins connected or can they be separated? Instead of going up with them, put some beside eachother. This way you make yourself space on top to put a work surface.
4. Now, do you have an old table insert that you never use? If not you can find them at Goodwill or check out Strip all the hardward. Sand and paint it a fun color to match your room. Because the inserts are real wood, they look so lovely when painted. Maybe even decoupage it with your favorite paper. Then place it on top of your plastic drawers as your die cutting work station.
5. I almost forgot about the file cabinet. Depending on the width of your plastic drawers, you might be able to set it in there. It'll be great to attache magnetic storage items too.
6. If you don't need the doors for later use, then strip the hardware, get L brackets, cut the doors down to fit and use them as shelves on top of your die cutting station. Your Scrap Rack will probably fit on one of these shelves. If this idea works for you, I would remove the white rack too and put it elsewhere in your room for decorative storage. You could also add magnetic sheets from the hardware store to the bottom of the door shelves so you can add magnetic tins. That way no space goes unused.

OMG, I swear I thought of this before I saw this picture, but this is exactly what I was thinking...

this one is pretty too, although it doesn't store as much...

Phew! I hope this gets your wheels turning.

Yoli said...

Scrap Addict you are awesome. I've had that closet storage idea from The Container Store for awhile now. It seems that no matter how many times I move away from that design I always end up coming back to it.

1. I plan to remove doors.
2. I also plan to remove shelf.
3. Plastic storage bins will go to hubby for his Lego collection. Once they are seperated though the plastic drawers are too low to make a good work surface.
4. I was thinking of a kitchen countertop to create a large work surface. I'll check out though.
5. If the blue file cabinet goes in the closet I can can fit a thin bookshelf by its side. I've been sketching this idea with a wide bottom shelf for storage of the big items like my rolling tote & sewing machine.
6. Plan to resell the house one day so I need the doors. :-)

You have some awesome ideas. I am starting to get excited about this project again. Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it.


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