Sunday, June 14, 2009

Organizing photos

I purchased this beauty at my LSS yesterday. The store was selling some of their old display items and this is one of the goodies I purchased from them. I am using the box to store printed photos.

For years I've kept my printed photos in a small plastic container (seen on the left side of this photo). I only print the photos that I'm ready to crop, about three months worth. Otherwise I am overwhelmed by just how far behind I am in my scrappin'.

The problem with the old container: capacity & size. I love it when friends and family give me pictures to add to my sb album. The problem however was that my little photo container was generally already jammed packed with pictures. So I kept the donated pictures in photo sleeves but they were never well organized. I am ashamed to say that I've lost more than one or two photos this way. :-( The other problem was that the old storage container could only store photos 4x6 or smaller. I generally have a hand full of 5x7 photos that I like to add to my album. The new photo box solves both of these problems . . . and it's already altered in a style and color palette that suits my sb room perfectly.

The box came with a set of chipboard index cards altered to look like a beautiful mini LOs . . . an unexpected bonus. Too cute to just be index cards, the mini-pages will make a beautiful little album someday. :-)


Caraquena said...

Love this box. Too bad you did not mention I was purchased during our impromtu Girls day.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful way to store photos! You find the best things!


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