Sunday, June 7, 2009

Short lived . . . .

The joy of believing that I had finished my 2006 album was VERY short lived! I had a chance to go through the 2006 albums and realized that there is much to be done before I can claim victory. Sigh!

This is one, of two pages, full of things 'to do' in order for the 2006 album to be considered complete. Double sigh!

1. Complete the LO before moving on to the next project. Most of the items on the to do list require a simple journal entry. Since journaling is my least favorite thing to do I often put it off. So I resolve to complete the LO before moving on the next project.

2. It's ok to hand write the journaling. Although I like my handwriting I prefer to type the journal entries. Typing takes a little more time & effort but it allows me to add more text than if I had handwritten the story. However, I realize that not every page requires that I type the journal entry. So I resolve to hand write my journal entries as often as possible.

You know what I'll be working on for the next few days . . . weeks . . . months (hopefully not the latter). :-( Did I already sigh? SIGH!

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