Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Our day did not start well. We spent FOUR HOURS waiting in line to get the h1n1 flu shot for my little one. DS was still sleeping when we left the house. DH dressed him and carried him to the car. DH thought I had his shoes . . . I thought DH has his shoes . . . at the end no one brought him any shoes. Good grief!! We ended up having to carry him while we were in line. Good thing we spent most of our waiting time in the hospital's cafeteria. The ER staff was kind enough to give us an extra pair of sock he could use to run around inside the hospital.

Once we finally got home we hosted a little Halloween party for a few of DS's friends. My girlfriend Alessandra made these most adorable little bags for my Halloween party this evening. She used several SU dies and punches to create these iconic figures. She then distressed the edges of the paper for added effect. They are simply too cute to be spooky. Thank you!

DS dressed up as a NASA astronaut this year. Got to say its the best outfit he has ever had . . . and the most expensive! If he doesn't grow too much next year you can bet he is wearing that costume again!!

But the best part of my day was when DS wanted to snuggle with me right before he went to sleep. I sang him one of the songs we have been singing to him since he was an infant. It was simply the perfect way to end a very long and hectic day.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you had a happy Halloween.


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