Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fa la freaking la to me :-)

Santa arrived a little early for us this year. Hubby bought me a new lens but not the one I really wanted. With his blessing I went back to the store and exchanged the lens for the Tamron 18-270mm!!

Look it what this baby can do. The first pic is a wide angle photo taken right outside of the store where I purchased the lens. The second pic was taken at the very same spot but with the lens set at full zoom! Simply amazing!!

Fa la freaking la to me!!

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Elaine said...

Hi Yoli,

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I saw your stunning picture with the new lens...lucky girl!! OH YEAH!! My son has started taking pictures lately and my parents bought him the nice lens to go on his camera too - I'm afraid to use it though. Have fun and thanks again for stopping by! I hope to see more of your work this year on your blog! :)

Elaine@ A Place for Ink


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