Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy freaking birthday to me . . .

The sun is shinning . . . the windows are open . . . the salsa music is playing . . . DH is at work . . . DS at school and I'm in my scrapbook room spending all the money I received for my birthday!!! It's a good day. :-)

So check out one of the purchases I made with my birthday money. I am now the proud owner of Jill-e camera bag. A much coveted item!

I debated for little awhile whether to purchase the small or medium size bag. I finally settled on the small one since I mainly wanted a stylish camera bag for dressier occasions. On those occasions I am more likely to just need the camera, 1-2 lens and the flash which will all fit nicely in this bag.

Ohhhhhhhhhh . . . can't wait to get my birthday present! In the meantime, I've got more money to spend!:-)

Have a fabulous weekend!



Caraquena said...

nice puchase!!!congrats

Carlotta said...

Love...It.....Where do you purchase? Also where did you find the awesome background for your blog? I just am setting one up, iheartscrapbookingink.blogspot. Fabulous! Happy Birthday!

Yoli said...

Hi Carlotta,

I purchased the camera bag from an vendor on Amazon. The blog background is from House of 3. I warn you though . . . they have some beautiful stuff!

Sonia said...

Hi Yoli
Happy Be lated Birthday!
Love your camera bag, look fabulous!



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