Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The closet -- Part I cleaning up

In order to finally organize the closet in my sb room I needed to start by cleaning up the surrounding area. In a prior post I showed you the condition of the room. There was so much crap on the floor you could not safely navigate from the island to the closet.

So this is before.

Do you hear angels singing? I know I do. :-) All joking aside I was able to find a new 'home' for everything on the floor. I did this by placing three boxes in the hall; (1)docs to shred, (2) sb goodies to be donated, and (3) old photos to be organized. What did not fit into any of those categories my old friend Hefty Bag took care of the rest. :-) What is most amazing about this project was the fact that I did this all over the course of a weekend working a few minutes here and there.

Closet Part II: Finally organizing the closet

So now that I've cleaned the floor . . . sketched the closet layout . . . and called the handyman . . . its time to finally tackle the closet. If you don't hear from me over the course of the next few weeks . . . call 911. LOL

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Sharon said...

Congratulations, that looks so neat and tidy. Can't wait to see the finished product! I have a closet about that size in my craft room that currently is full of clothes. Just have to give up a few of those and relocate the rest and then I can get more organized.

JustYolie said...

YOU GO GIRL!!!! My room looks just like the BEFORE pics! :)


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