Monday, December 27, 2010

Repurposing a jewelry armoire

As a Christmas present this year DH bought me a jewelry armoire. The cool thing about this armoire is that it can be wall mounted or hung over the door. My intention for this piece is to organize my jewelry . . . however it can easily be used in any craft room.

Perhaps your guest bedroom doubles as your craft space. If so, this organizer can easily serve a dual purpose in that room. The inside would house some of your craft goodies but when closed the front of the armoire has a full length mirrors for your guests to use. For those of you who sew, this dual functionality may also be an attractive feature for your space.

While hubby did not purchase my armoire from HSN I am providing a link to their site because they have the best photos and videos of the armoire.

So what craft related goodies did you get for Christmas?  I received two new Slice cartridges and a $100 gift certificate to Ben Franklin. Jackpot!



JustYolie said...

I goot the Slice, the old one and lots more paper pads! LOL

Yoli said...

Can't fit the Slice in the armoire. LOL. I am sure it will get much love though.


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