Monday, January 24, 2011

My inspirational board (long post)

As promised here is a picture of my inspirational board.  I told you it wasn't very pretty but nonetheless functional for what I need right now.  :-)

I used the back of a door to create my inspirational board which highlight three areas in my sb room I want to focus on this year.  Those areas are the closet, an inky station and my bookshelves. 

It's hard to tell from this photo but the inspirational board is divided into three columns; the station, the inspiration, the reward.  On the left side you will find a sketch I drew of each of the stations.  In the center column you will find inspirational photos of specific items I will make/purchase for the space. Lastly, and equally important, the third column details the reward.  I've built a reward system into my plans as an added incentive to get things done!

So let's take a closer look at this inspirational board. 

I.  The closet.  This is my sketch of the plans for my closet.  This new configuration will allow me to move the Scrap Rack from its current location into the closet.  The Scrap will be placed on tracks so it can be pushed out of the way when not in use.
In order to best utilize what would otherwise be wasted space I will build shelves on the side of the closet much like the ones pictured below.  

Photo courtesy of Workbench Magazine
Here is a picture of the 'real' inspirational board I am considering making for the closet.  Did you know they now make magnetic chalkboard paint?  Cool eh?

Photo courtesy of Art & Artifact
My RewardThe closet is a big organizing project and I'm going to need a little bling as my carrot.  :-) 
Photo courtesy of Amazon

II.  Inky StationThe plan for my inky station is to centralize my WM stamp set along with my ink pads.  What needs to be done? 

  • Currently I store my UMs in CD cases which are then organized in an Ikea CD holder.  If I decide to keep the UMs in CD cases then I'll have the Ikea CD drawers flanking either side of the file cabinet.  If however I decide to store the UMs on the Clip-it-Up tree then I will build some shelves to sit along side the library file cabinet. 
  • Inky stations needs ink pads which of course will need a storage system of their own.  Inspired by the ink pad storage unit shown below from Stamper Storage I may do something similar in my own space. 

Or I may store my ink pads on the side of the bookshelf like Angelina did in her old room.   This would save me valuable counter space. 

  •  My ultimate favorite addition to this space however is the Pottery Barn inspired cubby organizer.  I will probably buy a shoe cubby, paint, distress and hang on the wall.  I want to store some of my camera lens and equipment on this cubby along with a few decorative elements.  I'm so excited about this idea I may start with this project first.  LOL. 

My Reward:  A few blue mason jars by Ball.  I've been eyeing these for awhile and I think the would look most beautiful in the cubby organizer.   
III.  Lastly, the bookshelves.  The goal is simply to organize the bookshelves in a way that helps reduce visual clutter.  Investing in beautiful boxes that are well labeled and easily accessible will be key to my success with this challenge. 

My Reward:  Two new Tim Holtz dies. Have you seen his new line? Yum!

Thanks for sticking with me through this very long post.  I hope you found this exercise useful and inspiring.  If you have or make an inspirational board of your own, be sure to share some photos with me. 

As always, thanks for stopping by . . .



JustYolie said...

Holy cow! This a well planned makeover! It's going to look fabulous Yoli!

Yoli said...

This was a useful exercise! I feel committed to the project. Before I had a whole lot of digital photos saved in a folder on my pc. So the projects never felt real . . . more like wishful thinking. I'm excited!

suetography said...

OMG Yoli-I'm not worthy! You've done what we should ALL do-what a plan! Can't wait til it's done!

suetography said...

Is that a photo of the actual chandalier you want to purchase!?

Yoli said...

I keep going back and forth between a sm chandalier for the corner or a larger one above the island. Why? Did you know of a good buy somewhere?


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