Saturday, February 26, 2011

Free watch gear

Image from Graphic 45's Steampunk Collection
I'm not sure where I'm going with this project.  It may be the cover page of a travel/bucket list journal or it may become the backdrop to my new CIU finial.  I honestly don't know yet.  However that is not the reason for this post. 

You see all that beautiful watch gear adorning her head?  Most of that stuff I got for free.  How you ask?  Stop by your local watch repair store and see if they are have extra parts to share with you.  Generally these are pieces that they would otherwise throw away.  Why not recycle?  Unfortunately the shop I used is now closed.  I am now on a hunt for a new 'supplier'.  I plan to visit another shop this weekend and hope to score a few more treasures.  Happy hunting!

As always, thanks for stopping by . . .


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McVic said...

ohhh! Great idea!! I will ask around! TFS- BTW there is a hop on over at my blog today! lots of blog candy


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