Friday, March 25, 2011

Scrapbook closet

The desk and shelves have been installed . . . the paint is drying . . . now for the fun part . . . organizing the scrapbook closet.  I still need to add a protective glaze to the desk, thus the green frog tape, and spray paint the closet rack black to match the desktop colors.

As I put the finishing touches to the closet I'm rethinking my original design for this space.  The Scrap Rack will still be placed on the left side of the desk on a rolling rack for easy access.  However, in order to maximize the usable space underneath the desk I pushed the metal shelf to the end of the closet as pictured below.  I'm not crazy about its current location so I'm working on a different design.  
Right now I'm not sure how I am going to organize the closet.  I do know one thing . . . it is time to purge . . . starting with those plastic drawers pictured below on the right side.  I don't even remember what is in there anymore.  Shame!
In the meantime, I was able to carve just enough space in the craft room to help my 7 yr old son with his Cub Scout project.  He is participating in his first pinewood derby race this evening.  He used the Indie Art Cricut cartridge to create the flame and the skull for the car.

Wish me luck this weekend as I re-design the closet space and begin a major purge.  Hope you have a good weekend. 

As always, thanks for stopping by . . .


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McVic said...

So fun! its exciting to see the progress, B4 moving downstairs last week, I had a scrap closet... you can see on my blog how I organized it, and used the space on the sides...
cant wait to see the finished photos


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