Sunday, March 13, 2011

Storing our markers/pens/pencils

As you may remember, I am hosting several organizational challenges over at the Scrapbook Room Yahoo group.  This month we are talking about storing and organizing our markers and pens. 

According to the folks over at Scrapjazz, "pens have specific storage requirements if you wish to maintain them optimally."  Here are some of their suggestions: 

  • Horizontally.  Markers/pens that should be stored horizontally: marker-style pens, pens with writing tips on both ends, metallic pens or any pens that require that you shake it before using it.  Storing these markers/pens horizontally will keep the ink from 'pooling'.
  • Vertical.  Ink pens such as gel pens, Zig Writers and similar pens should always be stored so that they are vertical, with the writing end down, cap on.
  • Pencils can be stored vertically or horizontally. If they are stored vertically, place them in the storage container with the sharpened ends up. This way, you have less chance of the sharpened tip breaking off, requiring additional sharpening before use.
How you choose to store the markers naturally depends on available space, use of the item and personal taste.  If, for example, you attend crops your storage choice may prioritize mobility.  If you are like me, then I want a storage solution that is both cute and practical.  LOL.  So allow me to present to you a few samples of how other crafters store their markers/pens/pencils.  I finish this post with my all time favorite idea for storing pens/markers/pens.  It will blow your mind!


Photo courtesy of Superally at

Photo courtesy of Christie
Photo courtesy of Patter Cross


Photo courtesy of Cheryl Horton

 Modular Units

Photo courtesy of TimelyTeaCup over at

Photo courtesy of Leigh O'Brien


Photo courtesy of Angelina
French drain????
My all time favorite idea came from Karen over at Sew Many Ways.  She used French drain pipes to create this beauty.  Imagine all the cool stuff you can store in these babies.  Ohhh . . . my head is spinning from all the possibilities!

Here are a few more cool ideas. 
Recycle crafts
Sunflower Studio
Crafty Storage
Kaiser Craft

Thank you ladies for sticking with me throughout this very long post.  I hope this information was useful to you.

As always, thanks for stopping by . . .



Jan said...

This was such a great post! I didn't know I was storing some of my pens incorrectly~thanks :) Hope over to my blog to see what I've given you...

Darlene Piche said...

Great post! Thanks! Darlene in San Diego

Darlene Piche said...

Great post! Thanks! Darlene in San Diego

Joszua Biela said...

This post is brilliant! for all these years i have incorrectly stored my pens and would end up with messy blotches on my paper!


Cindy Dy said...

Thank you for the information. You have a very good article. I found it informative and useful. Keep up the good work and God bless!


Karen4755 said...

I'm trying to organize & properly store my gel pens, markers & pencils I used a google search & found your page with simple & easy to follow directions.

annie bard said...

Thank very much, never was sure how to store.



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