Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9-11

On this solemn weekend our family took a much needed trip to the coast.  We wanted to celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary as well as to take time to reflect on 9-11.  The beach was a wonderful and peaceful place where we were able to do both.  Here are a few pictures and some thoughts about this weekend.  

An early morning stroll on the beach allowed me to capture Mother Nature's imprint on the sand. 

Our son is 7 years old.  Until this weekend we had not told him about 9-11. He was struck by the sadness of the story.  We shed a few tears together. 

So in the midst of all this saddness we tried to focus on our blessings and enjoy some of life's simple pleasures. We strolled along the beach, made a new friend (the beautiful golden retriever pictured below with my son Diego), ate ice cream before dinner and finally flew the kit my son got for his birthday back in January. 

As I look at this picture below I can still hear the wings of that kite flapping in the wind, the sounds of children edsquealing with delight and the roar of the waves in the background.  Simple pleasures!

Although the photo below is just a 'little' overexposed (LOL) I luv it nonetheless.  I look at that little boy and can't help but to reflect on our blessings and . . .

bask in the beauty of another day.

So on 9-11 I pray 

I pray for the souls of the victims who died on 9-11. 
May they rest in peace.

I pray for the survivors of 9-11.  
May they have peace in their heart.

I pray for the families whose loved ones died tragically on 9-11.  
As Vice-President Biden said, "may the memory of their families bring a smile to their lips before it brings a tear to their eyes".

I pray for the brave soldiers who serve our country. 
May God reward their bravery by granting them peace in their hearts.

I pray for us too . . .  for we were ALL affected by this tragedy.
May we never forget!

As always, thanks for stopping by . . .



Sonia said...

Love your pictures Yoly.
Congrats, Happy Anniversary!!

I see some programs about 9-11 yesterday I really cry after 10 years past... is very hard to think that this happens and a lot of people died.

suetography said...

Oh Yoli-the photos are so beautiful - they should be in a travel magazine!

Thanks for having the courage to share your reflections of 9-11...


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