Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's been such a long time . . .

since I've had a chance to post.  I've truly missed scrapin' and blogging over these past few months.  I was able to complete a few LOs but never got around to posting them on my blog.  Then I ran out of time and mojo . . . thus the lack of a new post since February of this year.  :-(  The good news is my mojo is back and I'm doing what I can to steal a few precious moments here and there so I can scrap. 

Last I left you I was sharing a few LOs I made of a trip I took to NYC with my SILs.  In the LO below we are touring the city on a double decker bus.  These photos were taken on Fashion Ave. 

The photo on the left was taken by my SIL.  It is one of my favorite photos that she took on this trip.   The sign post is busy, over crowded and has much to say . . . just like NYC . . . which is part of its charm.  My SIL did a fabulous job with this photo . . . especially when you consider the pic was taken from a moving bus.  :-)

The LO on the right gives a little history of the New Parson School of Design.  Because its a fashion design school I chose to dressed up a paper mannequin and use it as an embellishment on the page.  For the dress I used a flower embellished ribbon I purchased at CKC last year (see blurry pic below -- sorry). 

Well this is all for now.  I have a few more LOs to share with you.  I hope to post those shortly.  Until then . . . hope you are enjoying your summer.

Thanks for stopping by . . . Yoli

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