Sunday, April 6, 2008

Phase II -- Accessories

This little monkey was just too cute, in an ugly sort of way, to pass up. I purchased the monkey at World Market. The clock is also another wonderful World Market purchase. I love that store. They have some unique and some times wonderfully quirky pieces.

I purchased this watercolor painting from a street vendor in NYC's Central Park. I suppose it was this painting that started the blue color palette in my room. However the truth is that I did not realize that I had selected blue as an accent color until a friend brought to my attention. Without thinking about it I apparently selected many blue colored accessories for the room. I had originally thought I was going with red as my accent color but now I am embracing the blue as my new color palette. :-) The blue tin box is a punch and ink set that I purchased from SU. The second painting in the background is actually a 12x12 SB paper that I mounted on a pre-made canvas purchased at Michaels. I still need to paint the edges black and seal the paper. However that is an inexpensive way to add art to your walls.

Here we go again with with the blue. :-) The blue storage container was actually part of a kit I purchased on QVC. I had hoped to put it on my desk to store some tools. However, the shelf is set a little too low for this to fit on the desk. So unfortunately I am not fully utilizing this piece. :-( The green glass mannequin figure, just to the right of the blue storage container, is a wonderful little decorative piece. It serves no practical purpose but it is a nice addition to the space. On top of the blue container I have the network hub. As you can tell, I am trying to disguise the hardware with decorative accents.

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