Sunday, April 6, 2008

Phase II - Storage containers

Like most scrapbookers, I have lots of cute little storage containers that I use to hold everything from ribbons to my CTMH stamp. The photo on the left has my buttons in the spice jars from Ikea. The white container I found, oddly enough, at a high-end supermarket. I keep a set of alpha chipboard in that vintage container. The bright color boxes in the background were purchased at Joann and they store chipboard as well.

The picture on the left side shows the shelf right above my SB work table. Some of the jars are candle jars I purchased at my local grocery store. Let's be real, I purposely selected those jars because I intended to use them to store my ribbon once the candle wax had melted. LOL! I was able to get the excess wax off by either running hot water over the outside of the jar or by putting the jars in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Once I removed the jars from the freezer the wax just fell out. Other times I needed to pour some hot water on the outside of the jar to finally remove the excess wax.

The last picture in this group shows a cute little storage box I purchased at Target. The outside of the box is nicely covered in a linen like material. Inside the box I store my CTMH stamps. The little jars just to the right of the blue box were purchased at a local thrift store and is now being used to store some felt ribbon.

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