Thursday, June 12, 2008

What's in the drawers?

I've been asked what I store in the drawers of my scrapbooking desk. I am the great pretender . . . I love to neatly hide my supplies. However, that often creates a dilemma between form and function. Want to guess which one most often wins? LOL

Starting from the righthand side of the desk, the top drawer is used to store some of my inking/distress supplies. As you can see I have daubers, distress powders, embossing powder & of course, Stickles. LOL

Still on the right side of the desk, I store some of my more frequently used WM stamps. Not all my WM stamps fit in these drawers so unfortunately I have them stored in two separate places. However, in the very near future I plan to purchase a dresser where I will organize most of my UM stamps.

The drawers on the left side of the desk are used to store everything from embellishments, ink pads, punches and various adhesives. Although not pictured here the last drawer is actually a file folder where I store my scrap pieces of paper/cardstock. Thanks for looking!

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