Friday, August 8, 2008

Good news . . . bad news

For awhile now I've been coveting the decorative scissors from Pottery Barn. By the time I finally decided to purchase the scissors PB had discontinued the item. :-( I was unsuccessful at obtaining the scissors through eBay but was delighted when I realized Ballard Designs offers a similar product. Good news . . . I got my scissors yesterday. Bad news . . . this is the current state of my SB room. AGH!

How did this happen? It's a series of comic events. It started when I noticed the shelf above the SB table was unstable. One of the toggles was loose. When I tried to remove the toggle the thing went right through the wall. So now I had a hole in the wall that needed patching. I went to the hardware store 3x to get a patch up kit. Each time I brought the kit home it would get lost in the mess. I finally patched up the wall only to realize that I could not find any of my wood cutting tools in our messy garage. So I had to clean up the garage. My in-laws came over this week. In order to make the guest room habitable I needed to clean out the Lego mess DH & DS had created in that space. So now my garage, guest room, and library are fairly organized but my sb room is a MESS!

1 comment:

JeanetteS said...

Love those scissors! I saw them on Ballard's site too. :)


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