Sunday, August 17, 2008

More toys

The room is still a mess but progress has been made. I am still trying to re-install the bookshelf above the sb table. This time I have nailed a 2x4 wooden strip to the studs. As an extra measure of safety I also used liquid nails on the wooden strip. The glue dried overnight which means that I should have the shelves up this afternoon. YEAH!

Despite the mess, I ordered yet another decorative element for the room. I got this idea from Donna Downey's sb room. I ordered my mannequin from JCPenney. I did not plan on purchasing this beauty at this time but I could not pass up the 25% off coupon I received from them in the mail.

I am really enjoying adding these beautiful decorative elements to the room. I have always enjoyed looking at those beautiful sb rooms posted on various forums. However I could never rationalize the additional expense. Over the years I've accumulated such a large inventory of goodies that I no longer invest all of my sb budget on supplies. I receive a pizza box full of goodies from Club Scrap every month. Whatever portion of the budget was not used buying supplies for that particular month is either spent on decorative elements or bookmarked for a larger future purchase.

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