Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Decorating your 3 ring binders

I had a few minutes today so I decided to work on something in my scrapbook room. Although not inspired to create a LO I wanted to do something artsy that was quick and easy. So I chose to cover one of my binders. I have several large 3 ring binders that store LO ideas and some acrylic stamps. I promise to post pictures of the inside of the binders soon. For now I'm focused on simply decorating the outside of the white binders.

From left to right, the first two binders are used to store layout ideas from scrapbook magazines. These binders were covered awhile ago with paper I purchased at a LSS. The binder I decorated today, the one on the right, was decorated today using standard 12x12 paper. If you are like me . . . I am often attracted by papers that have bold prints and colors. However, sometimes I find the paper difficult to incorporate into the LO without the LO looking too busy or the pattern overwhelming the page. So on a LO I tend to use these busy papers sparing. However, on a binder I'm not shy about displaying these beautiful papers.

Here are the three beautiful binders in the STILL unfinished bookshelf! All I need to do to finish the binders is to create the labels. Now my binders are both practical and beautiful! Luv it!


Scrap Addict said...

LOve your new binders. They really fit the room so much more than just an ordinary office look binder.

Anonymous said...

Hello and great idea. Those pre-decorated binders can be so expensive I like the idea of using a cheaper solid color one and decorating it yourself! I am reworking a Travel Article folder and will definitely use this idea. Did you just slide the paper into the plastic covering?

Yoli said...

I purposely only buy the binders that allow me to slip a decorative paper on each side of the binder. Be careful because some of the binders have a grummet attached to the outside of the spine making it impossible to just slip a decorative paper down the spine. In that case you can decorate the outside of the binder.


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