Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Project 365

I have decided to participate in Project 365 . What is a Project 365? In short, the project is about taking at least one picture of your every day life for one year. The point is to broaden our perspective. Instead of just photographing and scrapping only important events in our lives, through this project we try to create a photographic journal of our everyday lives.

Although I don't plan to take a photo everyday my perspective of what is photo 'worthy' has certainly changed. Here is my first contribution to Project 365 . This is a picture of our local Parent Map publication with almost every single Kindergarten school crossed off! I have a spirited 5 yr old little boy who is high energy and intense but not ADHD. So we need a school that incorporates lots of movement into its daily curriculum. Not an easy task I assure you but I am confident we will find the school that best fits his social and academic needs.

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