Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Treating UMs -- Part I

Last night I finally sat down and cut 8 UM sheets! That's the good news. The not so good news is that I used too much of Aleene's Tack it All Over and got it all over my hands. It's a little difficult to see in the pic but I had to use a kitchen pot scrubber to get that stuff off.

I was trying to create a sticky box using my Club Scrap pizza box (PB). The instructions are simple:

1. Treat the bottom of a PB with Aleene's Tack it All over and let it dry.

2. Cut the individual rubber stamps from the UM and place it upside down (image side down) on the sticky box.

3. Carefully apply a little of Aleene's glue to the back side of the UM and let it dry.
Seems simple until you use too much glue. I got a little concern that the front of the stamp would also be sticky so I moved the cut UMs to a portion of the box that had not been treated. However, some of the glue from the top of the UM oozed over the side causing the stamp to stick to the box. So as I lifted the stamp part of the box came with it! Version I . . . let's see if I do better with the next set of stamps.


Anonymous said...

Oh my-what a project! I have to say though, you'll be glad you took the trouble. So much less space than wood block!

4nancie said...

I now use the tacky glue on my stamps but I put it on before I cut the stamps out. It seems easier that way.


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