Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Treating UMs -- Part II

Much better experience with my sticky box today. After some trial and error I finally got the right combination of glue on the UMs. I love the sticky box because it allows me to treat the UM sheets without; (1) getting the glue all over my fingers or (2) gunking up my scissors.

Now that I have the hang of the sticky box, I've decided to store my UMs in CD cases . . . a monumental decision! LOL! Someone was kind enough to post a concern warning about the acidity of the CD cases and the ability of the foam backing to stick over the long term. Almost all of my UMs do not have the foam cushion mounting(mostly because I hate cutting the foam)so this may not be a problem. Now all I need is a place to store my CD cases. I think the next time I stop at Ikea I am going to pick up one of their Mackis CD drawers . I will have to alter the unfinished drawers of course. Oh dear . . . another project. Speaking of projects I better go finish my paper doll for an upcoming swap.

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