Thursday, February 12, 2009

A must see scrapbook room . . .

I often navigate the web in search of new decorative/organizational ideas for my own scrapbook room. I've decided to highlight a few of those great rooms for others to enjoy along with me. You will be pleased by my first selection for this new series. The blog is called, Confessions of a Scrap Addict . Love the name! When viewing the slideshow be sure to activate the Show Info botton on the top right hand side. Personally I enjoyed the additional info she posted regarding the photo highlighted.

Now, I don't want to ruin the surprise but here a few things that I loved about the room:

1. Obviously well decorated and organized.

2. Loved her interpretation of a medallion for the chandelier. Yes she has a chandelier in the room!

3. The vintage library file cabinet is great and she uses it to store some of her chipboard.

4. And, of course, I love how she accented the room with decorative mannequins.

You can find more information about her blog here . In the meantime, post a comment telling me what you liked about her space.


Caraquena said...

wow - that is a beautiful craft room. I love the color pink and how everything is displayed. I would a room like that

Anonymous said...

It's always fun peeking into people's sanctuaries! I'm crazy about her craft table! Wow-stations for everything- impressive!

Scrap Addict said...

Thank you for highlighting my room and for everyone's lovely comments. Please come back often as I add new pics monthly it seems. It's always a work in progress. Angelina


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