Thursday, June 18, 2009

Jar of Whimsy

I received in the mail the most BEAUTIFUL jar of whimsy you could imagine! Angelina posted blog candy on her site and I won!!!!

Even before opening the jar to see what's inside your eyes feast on this beautiful nest that adorns the top of the jar. Don't you just love that little bird? It is just too cute! I am especially fond of the Robin's egg. They ad a touch of elegance to just about any decor . . . even a jar of whimsy!

It took me a while to stop drooling over just the lid. Once I opened the jar I was simply amazed at all the wonderful goodies inside.

She had tickets, lace, game pieces, locks, tags, chipboard . . . just to name a few. I had so many goodies in my jar that DS was jealous he didn't get a JOW. So he confiscated a baby stroller, the kind you use as favors for a baby shower, as his own. He is proudly displaying the pink stroller on a shelf in his playroom. I'll give him a few days then I'll steal it back. Blood is blood but you don't mess with Mamma's sb supplies!! LOL

Thank you SO very much Angelina! You made my day!! I encourage you to visit Angelina's site. She is an INCREDIBLY talented lady.


Sonia said...

I love this jar... Absolutely Gorgeous!... love the butterfly and the little bird too.
Great project!


Anonymous said...

You're a winner! Wow! It's beautiful!


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