Friday, February 19, 2010

15 Minute Friday -- containing the beast

I am always amazed by the mess I make while being creative. I have 3 six foot tables in my sb room yet I often find myself running out of desktop space! It seems like I pull-out every piece of scrapbook paper, stamp and embellishment I own to create just one simple LO.

BEFORE: So this is typically what my desk looks like . . . on a good day . . . when I'm being creative.

SOLUTION: So on Monday I took advantage of the President's Day sale at Michael's and purchased this desktop organizer. So instead of creating piles upon piles of paper the plan is use the desktop organizer for temporarily storage. Any papers/embellishments being used to create the LO/project can be temporarily stored in the organizer. In order for this plan to succeed however I must file any papers/embellishments once I am done with the LO/project.

AFTER: The first thing I did was attack the mess that was on my primary scrappin' table . . . 15 minutes at a time, of course. I did take a few '15 minute sessions' to clean up the mess but some days that is all I have.

I am loving my 'new found' space! I've even had a chance to create a LO on my clean desktop. It's too early to tell if this will be a long term solution to my problem but I am hopeful. I promise to post an update later as I begin to use the new system. I hope this organizer helps me contain the beast!

Well . . . this is all for now. Hope you are able to steal a few moments this weekend just to play. Thanks for stopping by.


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