Friday, February 5, 2010

Part II: The good . . . the bad . . . and the UGLY!

Ah . . . where did we leave off the last time? That's right . . . the stamp shelf. Moving on past the stamp shelf you will find my computer desk. Nothing sexy but its functional. I love the mini-drawers on the window ledge but unfortunately I am only really using one of them. It is going to be interesting to see what happens to the them as I re-organize the room.

Next to the computer desk I have my beautiful life size mannequin. She has quite a presence in the room. I just love her! The skirt is made of ribbons and YES I use the ribbons from her skirt. Any piece of ribbon longer than 12" is hung on her skirt until it is needed for a project. The ribbon pieces on the skirt are not organized in any particular order so I have to flip through them in order to see what I may want to use for the project.

Next to the mannequin is one of two 6.5 ft tall bookcases which store a variety of items. On the top shelf I have various jars used to hold buttons and flowers. Ninety percent of my cardstock & printed papers are stored in this bookcase. The shelves were bowing underneath the weight of the paper so I did a little load balancing and organizing.

*One shelf holds the solid colored cardstock which are organized by color.
*The next shelf has most of my Club Scrap kits organized by the month/year the kit was released.
*The 2nd to the last shelf holds the printed paper from various manufacturers. Those papers are organized by theme.

The shelves are also home to a few of my stamps. The UMs are in CD cases which are then stored in a CD drawer I purchased at Ikea. The CTMH acrylic stamps are in the blue box. Wish I would have bought a few more of those from Target when they were available.

Little ashamed to admit but . . . this was a much coveted piece! Now that I finally have one I am sad to say that I'm not using it as I should. I want to store some of my stamps in the drawers but have not yet decided on what organizational system to use for the wm stamps.

Lastly, I am temporarily storing the Scrap Rack on top of the file cabinet. Once I finally get around to organizing the closet I'll move the Scrap Rack there. I'll then add a desktop to the apothecary cabinet creating an additional workspace in that area. A future, future project is to add a few of the Ikea CD drawers, vertically, to fill the space between the bookshelf and the apothecary file.

Well . . . this is it for our tour today. Next time I'll show you the ugly . . . I promise. Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to tune in next time . . . same bat time,same bat channel. Have a fabulous weekend!


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suetography said...

Uh, I can't resist and ask-where's the head!? LOL!


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