Saturday, February 6, 2010

Part III: Just the ugly (LOL)

Before I get to the UGLY let me tell you about my beautiful island. I purchased this about a year ago at Fred Meyer. This is where I do most of my scrapbooking. The island has 3 drawers and six little shelves for storage. This was originally meant to be a kitchen island so the mnftr added spice racks on either side of the unit. On one side I keep various Ikea spice jars full of chunky embellishments, glitter and decorative felt. On the other side of the island I keep my Glimmer Mist, AI, Stickles and acrylic paint. The UGLY part of the island is its disorganization. I have all kinds of boxes on the shelves just because they fit in the space. The drawers are no better . . . nothing is assigned . . . nothing has a purpose.

Since I suffer from the cute box syndrome I've been avoiding buying more boxes for the space. Until I decide what I want to store on the island I refuse to buy any more baskets or containers.

It was slow to come but I have to finally admit that the chair has to go. :-( It was the chair that inspired the color scheme in the room. I had such a difficult time getting my hands on that chair yet look at how I'm using it. I purchased the chair from Costco Home who said they were experiencing difficulties with the timely shipment of goods from this manufacturer. So I waited . . . stalked Costco Home frequently . . . until finally got day I got one! Now unfortunately I'm using the chair to hide files, papers, PB . . . you name it. So the chair is going in my bedroom freeing up space in the sb room and allowing easier access to the bookshelf and closet.

From this . . . to this!

This last photo is my inspirational closet courtesy of The Container Store. Amongst other things, I plan to store my Scrap Rack and my scanner in the closet. My closet is exactly like the one in the picture with areas on either side that are not easy to access. So I plan to install rolling racks on either side of the desktop. The rack would pull out to the middle of the closet giving me easy access to the Scrap Rack or the scanner. When not in use I can roll them back into the corner freeing up the work surface.

The UGLY part of the closet are the drawers and the shelves overflowing with stuff. Most of which I'm not using.

This is my big project for this room this year . . . organizing the closet once and for all. As I always, I promise to post my progress.

I hope you have enjoyed the little tour of my sb room. Thank you for stopping by.



suetography said...


Caraquena said...

I want to see the closet transformation.

Paula W said...

That island it AWESOME - do you think it's still available at FM? You must live in the NW??!!

Yoli said...

Hi Paula,

I purchased the island last summer on clearance. I haven't seen them since. Sorry!

Yes . . . we both live in the Pacific NW although I think in different states.


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