Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's been a long time since I've had a chance to blog and even longer time since I've had time to be crafty. :-( As my darling SIL likes to say, "life just gets in the way some times". LOL.

The good news is things have settled a bit . . . for now . . . so its time to get back to doing something I love . . . scrapbooking. However, I have one little problem . . . my room is such a mess that I'm barely able to enter the space let alone craft! In the past few months the room has served as the family's dumping ground. I have important personal papers that need to be filed . . . expensive photography equipment that should be stored . . . projects that need to be finished . . . and a crap load of embellishments and papers that need to be organized.

If your messy room is preventing you from being crafty . . . join us at the Scrapbooking Room Yahoo group for this month's challenge. My personal goal is mainly to clean up and put things away. At this time I'm not going to re-organize any of the items but instead focus on putting things back in their place.

Don't let the magnitude of the challenge discourage you from join us. Break down the task. I'm going to dedicate at least 15 minutes a day to the clean up effort. Perhaps you could focus on that box that has been sitting on the floor starring at you. Yup . . . I'm talking to you. :-) Perhaps you have papers . . . embellishment . . . stamps you recently purchased that need to be put away. No that was not meant for you. You would NEVER do that, eh? LOL

Whatever the personal challenge you decide to set for your room . . . join us. Tell us your area of concentration and send before and after pics. Your among friends who understand so its ok to share with us. :-)

Look forward to having you join us in this challenge.



Sonia said...

Hi Yoli
I think you have a lot of work, lol!! Las scrapbookers nos entendemos porque siempre nos pasa lo mismo, suerte con la organizacion.


suetography said...

You talkin' to ME!?!? Uh, I'm going to join the quest for 'getting back on track'. It is afterall, supposed to be a safe haven.

Anonymous said...

I know you are talking to me! :)
I am trying! But.... it's taking far more than 15 minutes a day! It took a lot longer to get that way. I need reinforcements! :) You keep truckin' at 15 minutes a day! I know you will do it!!!!!


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