Sunday, October 31, 2010

Homemade clip-it-up

I am so excited to finally own a clip-it-up. I absolutely loved the floor model by Simply Renee but could not justify the cost. Inspired by Sharyn Carlson's Clip-it-Up I decided to make my own.

I owe such a debt of thanks to Ryan from our local Ace Hardware store. He was such a trooper. I came in the store armed with a video and a vision and he helped me make it a reality. That was EXCEPTIONAL customer service!!!

How did I . . . oops I should say we since Ryan was an integral part of this project . . . do it? I've attached the video that provided the original instructions. However rather than using PVC piping I purchased a halogen lamp ($15), an idea I found during my research. We cut out the electrical cord and modified the base to make sure it was sturdy but otherwise we followed the instructions on the video.

I was able to find two of the lamp shades at a local thrift store. One was $7 the other smaller one was free. Yeah! The bottom shade I purchased at Target for $15. I made a 'mistake' when I purchase the bottom shade. I did not realize it had metal connectors between the top and bottom ring. However, this may be a blessing in disguise since I have 4 tiers to my clip it up rather than three. I'll live with it for awhile and see if it works.

I am using my clip-it-up to organize my acrylic stamps, embossing folders and possibly my Cricut cartridges on it. I've run out of clips so my clip-it-up is looking a little sparce but overall I am just delighted with this project. Now all I need is a few more clips and a finial for a decorative touch.

Final tally:
$15 -- lamp
$7 -- shade from thrift store. Top rung was free
$14--bottom shade from Target
$8--estimate for 40 Clip-it-Up clips
$8--threaded rod
$3--estimate for washers, nuts and the like

$55 TOTAL. A savings of almost $140! PRICELESS!!!

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sharyncarlson said...

Wow! It looks awesome, you did a great job!! I hope you enjoy your new clip-it-up :)

JustYolie said...

WOW!!! This is wonderful!!

Yoli said...

It's a little sparce right now but I'm loving it! Thanks Sharyn for the inspiration. I'm glad you like it Yolie. It's relatively easy to make. Hint, hint, hint. :-)

suetography said...



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