Monday, November 1, 2010

Finial for my Clip-it-Up

When I made my Clip-it-Up I purposely left some of the threaded rod exposed at the top of the tree. My original intention was to add a decorative curtain rod finial. However I decided it would be much more fun to create my own decorative topping rather than to using a traditional finial.

As you can imagine, my head is spinning with so many ideas. The plan is to change the topping with the seasons/holidays. For now, the first of such finials/topping is the little cake I made the other day. It's just too stinkin' cute don't you think? LOL

As you can see from this picture, I've added a few more items to the tree. Items such as my embossing folders and a few large Sizzix Tim Holtz's dies I have in my collection. Unfortunately, I've run out of clips. If you own a Clip-it-Up I would love to hear what you are using for clips. I've used some of the Clip-it-Up clips. I've seen others use paper clips and shower curtain rings. What are you using?

As we remember today, on El Dia de los Muertos, all our loved ones who have passed away I leave you with this picture. This art piece was created by the kids at our local community center using rice, beans and chiles. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

As always . . . thanks for stopping by.



suetography said...

How fun it will be to see it fill up!!!

Anonymous said...

This is great! It's like your own scrapbook store... With all of your favorite things! I love it!


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