Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm a chronological scrapbooker and I'm currently designing LOs for events that happened in the Summer of 2007. :-( As you can see, I'm just a little behind on my scrappin'. In an effort to remember what happened at the time of the event I've come up with a system. Here are a few ideas that may be helpful to you.

1. I often find myself emailing the family a story . . . generally about something funny my son did. If that is the case then I keep an electronic copy of the email thread in a separate folder named appropriate enough after my son.

2. If I don't email the family about the event I email myself the story and transfer the email to the folder. I have just started to transfer the email thread to a word doc. I'll keep the word doc with the appropriate digital photos. So when I'm ready to scrap the event I'll have both the pictures as well as the story behind the photos all together in one folder.

3. My SIL does something similar when she travels. She may email the family about the sites she visited that particular day. Then when she gets home she has ready-made journaling.

4. On Saturday my SIL is departing for a wk long trip to Rome. Lucky girl! This time instead of just emailing the family she wants to send herself postcards of the trip. In this way the journaling is done and she has an authentic stamp from the country she is visiting. Very clever if you ask me.

So . . . how do you remember to journal events from the past?



Jannette said...

Yoli, me encanta leer tu blog. Muchas ideas practicas y mucha inspiracion! gracias por compartir tus creaciones,

suetography said...

I really love the idea of keeping the journaling along with the digital files! Brilliant!

In my SB room I use drawers...from bottom (oldest stuff) to top. I just place my memorabilia right in the drawer...I've been thinking of putting dates on scrap paper to use as dividers so it's easier to find,or perhaps large brown envelopes (which may be bulky)...any tips from anyone else!?

Yoli said...

Janette . . . gracias. Me alegro que te guste mis idea. Muchas de las veces es una pelea entre lo lindo o lo practico. Lindo o practico. Dios mio!

Suetography . . . also posting the ? to members of the Yahoo group. I'll let you know when I get a response.


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