Saturday, November 13, 2010

Creating Keepsakes Convention . . . oh my!!

It's that time again boys and girls . . . CKC is in town! So roll up your sleeves . . . loosen the wallet and enjoy the ride!

I've enjoyed attending this convention for a number of years now. I look forward to it all year. However, this year some vendors were noticeably absent and there were a couple of empty areas where there should have been a booth. :-( Despite these obstacles I did manage to grab a few things. LOL

So for those of you who were unable to make it to one of these shows here is a pictorial highlight of some of my favorites projects.

First, Crafty Secrets. I luv, luv, luv her stuff! Luv the vintage, retro, botanical, aviary themed creative scraps she manufactures. Her booth is always one of the best at the convention . . . full of some many wonderful ideas. The owner, Sandy, is very warm and friendly. Its no wonder I always drop a dime, or two, at her booth. So there I am hob-knobbing with Sandy.

But here are the pictures you really want to see. These are photos of some of my favorite projects she displayed at her booth.

Another one of my favorite booths at the show was The Button Farm. OMG . . . they had some of THE most Fabulous albums at the show! This Christmas beauty retailed for $60 (album & stand). It was a little pricey for me so I did not buy one. But those albums sold out nonetheless!
And this little beauty to my right was another one of their projects. The album is from Tattered Angels but the paper is from Graphic 45. You know the best part of this project? I already have all the supplies. Yeah!

For the first time this year I enrolled in a class where I got to make a project. The album was designed by Heidi Swap for Tattered Angels. This is a photo of what my album should look like once I'm done. We did not have enough time in class to finish the project. Photo btw is courtesy of

Lastly there is a picture of me . . . dragging my bag because its so heavy . . . finally heading home.

As always, thanks for stopping by . . .



JustYolie said...

Oh how fun!!! :)

Yoli said...

It was fun Yolie! It's inspired me to work on some projects. But first . . . let me organize the things I bought. LOL

suetography said...

Oooooooooh! I love the album you took the class for! Can't wait to hear what's all in that black bag of yours!!!

Yoli said...

suetography . . . funny you should ask. I just took a pic of my stash. I'm going to post it but I'll attach a little game idea I got from JustYolie's blog. Based on the photo I post I'll ask people to guess how much I spent. The closest guess to that actual amount will get some blog candy.


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