Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a class with Marah Johnson

In March I took a LuminArte class taught my Marah Johnson.  Learned some very cool techniques in class.  My favorite technique though was an unexpected surprise.  We started by painting the paper pictured below using Twinlkling H2o's.  Sorry don't know the technical term for the paper.  Just by itself the paper looks pretty festive. 

However, it was the artwork underneath that paper that came as a beautiful surprise.  You see underneath this floral paper we used paper towels to keep the desk clean.  However, since the floral pattern on the top paper is a die cut of sorts the excess paint spilled onto the paper towel creating its own pretty pattern. 

Marla told us that we could use our die cutters to cut an image from the paper towels.  Using a Stampin' Up die I created the flower pictured below.  Not sure what I'll do with that flower yet but I sure do love its brillant colors. 

I also used a piece of the painted paper towel to adorn the body of the little birdie pictured below.  Side note:  The red background paper in this project was also a technique I learned in Marah's class.  I painted flocked paper with the Twinklies H20s.  For information on this technique please visit her site

Lastly, the flower bud on the left side of the birdie frame was also created using some of the beautifully painted paper towels. 

I still have some paper leftover safely tucked away in a drawer awaiting my next project.  Remember this post?  Now you know what I am storing in the left side drawer of this CD case.  :-) 

This is all for now.  I'm diligently working on a travel mini-album I hope to share with you soon.  In the meantime, happy crafting. 

As always, thanks for stopping by . . .



Sandy Ang said...

Oh it looks wonderful !

tvdinnerpro said...

Hi, love how your Marah J projects turned out! I took a class from her recently also.

Thanks for your comment on my "puddle" post, I did NOT take the pix... from we heart it and I linked back to the original source. Glad you liked it tho! malia

malia said...

oops better login... sorry about that!

Yoli said...

Thanks Sandy. Glad you liked it.

Malia . . . I'm checking out your blog while apparently you are checking out mine. Too funny! And next time I'll read your post before I comment. LOL

suetography said...

I really am still amazed by this!


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