Friday, July 20, 2012

The Village

Last I left you I was touring Manhattan on the double decker bus.   :-)  We have left Fashion Ave behind and we are now heading towards The Village. 

Whenever possible I try to visit a LSS when I travel. NYC was no different but the only craft store I can find was a rubber stamp store in the Village. So off to the Village we went. 
 This is a two page LO marking the start of our adventure in the Village.  To photograph the 2 page LO together I had to slant the photo album.  The LO on the left has an overlay in one of the corners that does not photograph well.  :-( 

The photo above is an up close photo of the left side of the page.  The photo in the LO is yet another one of those fabulous pictures my SIL took on this trip. It was during this trip that I learned to take pictures of the most beautifully mundane items. I also learned from her to stop looking for the typical vacation shot and to see the beauty in the everyday items that make up the essence of the city. Thanks sis!

The LO on the left was inspired by Wlsdrew's LO of the French Quarter.    I luv the grid and the graphic elements of the LO.  I luv that she is able to use multiple photos and embellishments in the same LO without overwhelming the page.  I loved that she stitched her grid but I was lazy and just used a marker to get a similar effect.  This, so far, is my favorite layout from this trip. 

Until next time . . . Yoli


Mindy Miller said...

I like how your take on the grid design turned out! So fun!

Cindy Gay said...

An awesome layout!

Yoli said...

Hi Mindy . . . thanks for the beautiful inspiration. So awesome!

Hi Cindy . . . thanks for the kind comment. This LO is one of my favorites and one that I am sure to repeat in the future. :-)


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