Monday, September 3, 2012

ISO -- a good white pen

Hello everyone.  Those in the US, I hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend.  :-)

White pen
I am in search of a good white ink pen that is able to write on both cardstock and photo paper.  I've tested several pens in the past with no luck.  The ink flow on these pens is generally not consistent making the writing difficult to read.  Thus far I've tried Uni-Ball Signo (the best of them so far), Sokura Souffle and Gelly Roll. 

Stopped by an art supply store this weekend in search of what seems to be the elusive white pen.  They suggested a refillable ink pen.  However, the pen itself was $35 and the ink bottles $5.  I wasn't ready to pay $40 for a white ink pen without testing it first.  I'm not happy about the prospect of paying $35 for a pen but its got to be cheaper than continuing to buy pens, at $3-5 each, that simply don't do the job.  :-(

So my search continues.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 

Photography Scavenger Hunt
This photo was posted on one of the many blogs that I follow (unfortunately I don't remember which one).  So this is my creative entry for #2 on the Photography Scavenger Hunt list -- a clothesline.  :-)


I have a couple more photos to post for the scavenger hunt but I must download them from my phone first.  :-(  Until then . . .  thanks for stopping by. 



1 comment:

Maria Ontiveros said...

I think you've found the best that's out there so far for white pens.
And, I'm the one hosting the photo scavenger hunt! My blog is, and I love your clothesline!!!


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