Sunday, March 21, 2010

15 minute Friday . . .

on Sunday! I know. :-( I set the wrong date for this to post. I thought Friday was March 21st. Mommy moment I suppose! :-(

Original post:
A few weeks ago I was working on a LO about a visit to our local aquarium. After selecting my photos I went to the Scrap Rack (SR) to see what embellishments I had that could be used for this LO. To my surprise there wasn't much there with an aquarium type theme. So I went to my LSS and purchased a few things.

A week or so afterwards I was going through my stash of papers and found not one but TWO kits with an aquatic theme!! In addition to the paper the kits have flat embellishments that would have worked out nicely on my aquarium LOs. ARGH!

First, I'm going through the paper stash again. I have been breaking out my kits for a little while now. Obviously I missed one or two. :-)

Secondly, I am leveraging my SR & adding at least one 12x12 sheet in hopes that it will jog my memory. For example, I just recently purchased some gorgeous papers & stickers from Bo-Bunny's Mamma-Razzi collection. If you are live with a camera glued to your hand, as I do, these are MUST have papers. But anyways . . . I digress. Back to my story . . . afraid that I would forget I had the papers I have created a new sub-category. Under the travel section in my SR I created a tab for any embellishments that have to do with photography. Just in case the sticker sheet isn't sufficient to remind me of the accompanying papers, I added one 12x12 Mamma-Razzi sheet to the SR.

For the aquatic themed kits, I separated the flat embellishments from the kit and stored the tags under the summer section in my SR. I considered creating a new category in my SR just for animals. However, the papers have a beach/aquatic theme which of course immediately reminds me of summer.

If your papers are not organized in the same way your flat embellishments are organized, you may want to put a little note with the embellishments reminding you where the paper is stored.

Well . . . this is it for today. Hope you find this information helpful. Thanks for stopping by.



suetography said...

Oh. You are gooooodd. It's so hard to separate things out though! I will work on following your advice!

Sonia said...

Thanks for sharing your 15 minutes Friday.. is a cool idea.


Anonymous said...

I am a sucker for tabs!!!!


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