Friday, March 19, 2010

My wish list gets bigger and bigger . . .

I thought I read somewhere that Provo Craft is scheduled to release 100 cartridges this year! If true, I am delighted to finally have so many beautiful new cartridges available. Of the new releases, here are a few of my 'MUST HAVE' cartridges.

Serenade.* Scheduled to be released mid-April. Luv the bird cages!

Summer Vacation.* Scheduled to be released mid-April. So many wonderful uses for these images on this cartridge. I am especially in love with the gas tank and ferris wheel. How cool is that! I believe, but don't quote me, that it may also contain an image of a roller coaster. If so, that would be icing on the cake. I LOVE roller coasters!

Summer in Paris.* Also scheduled to be released in mid-April. Haven't been to Paris . . . yet . . . but don't need to in order to enjoy these dies. I luv, luv, luv the hot air balloon, the chandelier and the dress forms, of course. Did you notice it has a few 3D objects! Oh la la!

*images courtesy of Provo Craft.

Well that's it for this evening. Hope you have a great weekend. BTW . . . my Jill-e bag arrived and its FANTABULOUS!

Thanks for stopping by!



Vicki C said...

Those look so great.. esp that last one.

Hey I wanted to tell you that the shape you asked about on on my blog. ( the layout) was an accucut die. Accucut die Vintage 11 1/2 V1003 G

Yoli said...

Thanks Vicki for stopping by and posting a note on my blog. Also, thank for the info on your LO. It is gorgeous.

Caraquena said...

Love the Pais one


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