Sunday, October 9, 2011

Purse bling

The first time I saw one of these little beautifies I was on vacation in Mexico.  I knew then I wanted to make one.  So when a crafting group I belonged to issued a lottery challenge with  a theme of 'Falling Leaves' I knew this was my chance to finally make one.

They are called purse blings.  A nice decorative item to add to your purse, backpack or keychain.  Here are the two that I made.  Why two?  This is a lottery challenge so the winner gets all the projects submitted that month.  So the one on the left is for me the other for the challenge.  

I started by using Tim Holtz's swivel clasps I purchased from Joann.  To the clasp I added beads and gold metal leaves I've had in my collection for years!  The red maple leaf is actually a brad.  I cut off the brad part and punched a whole to convert it into a charm.  As a finishing touch I added a typewriter key from TH.  F for Fall. 

So this is the purse bling that I will give away in the lottery. 

This is the purse bling that I will keep. 

My 7 yo son decided to get in the game.  So he made a backpack bling for his little 'friend'.  Although not very pretty its awful sweet!  I did enjoy spending time with him doing something other than playing or talking about BeyBlades.  Any of you moms out there with a 6-10 yr old boys know exactly what I'm talking about.  :-(

Lastly . . . a little confession. I did end up ordering the Nantucket Kit from Pink Paislee during the HSN 24 hour crafting show.  Oh my! :-)
As always, thanks for stopping by . . .



suetography said...

Wow! Everyone needs to think about this as a Christmas gift! Personal and personalized is the way to go!

How moving that Mr D saw the value in giving a thoughtful, homemade gift - you'll have to let us know the recipient's response!

Thanks for the inspiration - and for getting me into the seasonal and holiday spirit!

4nancie said...

Yoli, these are great! What a great idea!

McVic said...

love this idea! how fun! my purse is just a boring mom purse.. I so need to jazz it up!!
kacee said...

Hi Yoli, what gorgeous jewelry!! My purse would proudly wear!

The witches legs are a file from Silhouette online store.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving such sweet comment!

Yoli said...

Thanks ladies I'm glad you like my little project. One thing though . . . you have to get use the little noise the beads make when you are walking. Once or twice I thought someone was right behind me and it scared me. LOL.

Thanks Gaby for the info about the witches legs. Unfortunately I don't have a Silhouette.

PaulY said...

wow these items are awesome! ever think about selling them on ebay or etsy?


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