Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sistah's NYC trip -- Day 1 (Times Square)

Times Square
In 2007 I took a girl's trip to NYC with my two SIL. Our hotel was close to Times Square so naturally that was our first stop. The LOs, like Times Square, are busy but I suppose it reflects the vibe of the city.

Upclose of the embellishment for the LO above. 

This LO is quite busy but it reflects the vibe, the bustle of Times Square.

I had previously posted one of the LOs below.  As you can see, I still need to finish journaling.

So after taking in the beautiful lights of Times Square we stopped at Maxie's.  We enjoyed a nice deli sandwich and a most delicious chocolate martini.  :-)  On our way back to the hotel we did a little shopping visiting one of the many vendors whose tables line the streets of Manhattan. 

Behind one of the pictures of the LO below I've created a little journaling book.   

Our tour of Times Square would not be complete without highlighting at least one billboard ad.  For me, it was the M&M billboard that stood at the most.  It was fun watching the M&M characters visit some of the famous NYC sites. 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing photos of our first day in the city.  I am currently working on various LOs of day 2.  I hope you stop by again.

2 comments: said...

OMGosh Yoli, I do not know where to start!! These layout are amazing!! I want to go to NY!!!
I love love the CITY title!!!

--project life can definitely be a time saver because you can embellish as much or a little as you want or can that particular week! Some people do it daily others monthly, it is totally up to many pics or a little with more journal entries....

I am still going to create traditional layouts of those pictures or momories that I just love love....PL I'm using it as a "to keep a journal of my and my grand babies/daughters life" and you do not have to start in January!

Thanks for stopping by ~Gaby
Glad you received the stamps!

Yoli said...

Thanks Gaby. The Project Life style of scrappin' may be more suitable for my older pictures which I had not intended to scrap. Thanks for the info. Glad you like the LOs.


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