Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sistah's NYC trip -- Day 1

In 2007 I went on a four day girl's trip to NYC with my both of my SIL.  Job responsibilities, growing families and a host of other things have prevented us from doing another sistah's trip like this since then.  But we are confident that we will soon have another chance to enjoy another trip like this one. 

Day 1 -- we arrive in Manhattan 
I wanted to separate this trip from the regular LOs in my album.  To do so I used a swinging shutter page protector from Memory Book as my cover page. The design for the front page was inspired by Lauren Bergold's New York travel book.  To soften the background paper of the city I used a sheet of vellum. 

Up close photo of the embellishment.  It's hard to tell on the photo but I used pop dots to give the buildings a 3D like effect. 
Upon opening the shutter page you will find two more layouts inside. 

The middle LO was inspired by the movie poster from New Year's Eve.  I liked the collage design and thought it would be a good way to showcase various landmarks we visited during our trip. 

Left side.  This page documents the beginning of our journey at the local airport.  It is difficult to see in this photo but I used pop dots to give the suitcases a little depth. 

 The right side.  This beautiful picture, taken by my SIL, is one of my favorite photos taken on this trip.  The photo captures the vibe of the city with its streets crowded by one of its most famous icons, the yellow cab.  Scary sometimes to be a passenger in one of these cabs but beautiful to see them on film.  :-)

Next stop . . . Times Square.  I promise to post those LOs soon. 

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by . . .


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lauren bergold said...

i am ♥LOVING♥ your NYC layouts, both in terms of your (& SILs') gorgeous photos and SO MANY awesome design ideas! i confess i was shocked (but in a good way, lol) to see my name in your post... & i totally loooooooooooove the way you've taken the idea of the label shape and the cityscape and totally made it your own!

ps: your trip looks like it was a BLAST... when're ya comin' back?! :)

pss: the cabs NEVER get less scary, this is why i tend to stick to the subway! :) :) :)


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